Day 8: #30pages30pics

I got kinda drunk and tired for day 7 so I missed it. 

Today’s writing feels like a hotdog and donut entry. 

In the 3rd grade I had to keep a daily journal in class. We were taught cursive writing that year so I’m pretty sure this was practice. Each page had a section at the top to draw a picture to go along with our writing. 

I never knew what to talk about. My thoughts and feelings seemed too personal. Besides, the teacher was reading this. So, on more than one occasion, I wrote about hotdog and donut day. The day when, instead of bringing lunch, we could buy a hotdog and a honey glaze donut for a couple of bucks. 

I got really good at drawing hotdogs and donuts. 

Clearly this skill did not translate well over 20 years later. 


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